HOLLOW WARE
 Kidney Tray Emesis Basin
 Instrument Tray Shallow (Simple)
 Sterilizer Drum
 Instrument Box Perforated
 Instrument Tray With Cover
 Medicine Cup Graduated
 Cotton Holding
 Thermometer Jar
 Forceps Jars
 Sputum Cup
 Vomit Bowl
 Feeding Cup
 Dressing Jar
 Spout & Glass
 Flagon & Flash
 Needle Case
 Chart Holder Aluminum
 Instrument Box
 Spirit Lamp
 Catheter Tray with Cover
 Handle Bowl
 Midwifery Kit (Empty)
 Auto Clave Pressure Cooker Type
 Dustbin With Stand
 Bucket With Cover
 Soap Dish
 Perforated Tray
 Lotion Bowl
 Wash Basin
 Wash Tapered Basin
 Kick About Bucket With Trolley
 Tube Rack/Instrument Box W/Design
 Plastic Items
 Enema Can
 Instruments Box
 Sponge Bowl
 Dressing Drum Perforated
 Fetal scope Aluminum
 Measuring Jug Graduated
 Instruments Box
 Scalpel Tray
 Compartmental Tray
 Mayo Tray
 Bowl Sterilizer With/Stand
 Pet Feeder Bowls
  HOLLOW WARE | Vomit Bowl 
: Vomit Bowl
: SS-779




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